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Peggy Zogbaum, Egyptologist

Hello, I am Peggy, and I am happy to welcome you to my website. I am an Egyptologist from Germany. During my countless visits to Egypt, I have come to know and love the ancient and modern country. During my excavations in Middle Egypt, I have held many objects in my hands that had previously lain untouched in the sand for thousands of years. I am always surprised by how incredibly much information even the smallest fragments of finds provide. I could classify this information faster and faster with growing experience and I gained valuable knowledge about the ancient Egyptians‘ lives. And now I want to pass this knowledge on to you.

With my online classes, I would like to invite you to dive deeper into Egyptology. In general, you do not need any previous knowledge. I provide you in an accompanying book to each course with additional information on essential terms specific to the university subject „Egyptology“. I will give you detailed information on the selected symbols. And, with the help of many pictures, I will show you how to look for when you see an ancient Egyptian motif. You will be asked to think along with the use of learning questions. And I also want to encourage you to look for new solutions. Last but not least you will get an insight into the spiritual and philosophical questions that archaeological artifacts raise when we look at them from different perspectives.