1st Report on the Ongoing Egyptologists‘ Conference 2021 in Mainz.

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1st Report on the Ongoing Egyptologists‘ Conference 2021 in Mainz.

The Ongoing Egyptologists‘ Conference is a significant event for the scientific discipline of Egyptology, which has been a tradition in the German-speaking world for many years. It is a meeting of Egyptologists, archaeologists, art historians, epigraphists, philologists, and many other professional groups. All of them are in some way connected with Ancient Egypt. The conference is usually held annually at changing locations. This year’s Egyptology Conference is already the 52nd of its kind. The Egyptological Institute of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz / Germany hosts the event, which is very important in professional circles. It should have already taken place in 2020 but had to be postponed by one year due to the Corona measures. And also, this year, a lot is new: The Ongoing Egyptologists‘ Conference 2021 will take place from July 9 to 11, 2021, entirely online.

And the organizers have put a lot of effort into designing the event. You can listen to the lectures and reports online and network virtually with other participants before and during the conference. Everyone who has registered has online access to the event platform. On the conference website, it is possible to complete one’s own profile and add special topics that correspond to personal or professional interests. This makes it easy to find like-minded people, who can then be invited to a virtual room for a discussion at the click of a mouse. There’s really no easier way to exchange professional information.

So far, it all looks very professional and innovative. If everything works out well technically, this form of the virtual conference can also be a positive example for future events of this kind.

And the program of the Ongoing Egyptologist’s Conference 2021 also suggests a colorful potpourri of presentations. In the beginning, we will hear greetings from renowned international representatives of the field, among them the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in Cairo, Prof. Dr. Khaled El-Enany. Afterward, from Friday to Sunday, several parallel technical lectures, meetings, and reports from the archaeological institutes of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will take place. In particular, the keynote session entitled „Egyptology 2021 from the Perspective of Three Generations“ promises exciting insights into the changes that the subject of Egyptology has undergone over the decades. At Ongoing Egyptologist’s Conference 2021, students, doctoral candidates, and faculty, as well as practical researchers, will have their say. We will continue to provide very up-to-date coverage.